51. LVS: Useful things that have no other place

51.1. Ramdisk

I needed a ramdisk of more than 4M once and couldn't find the instructions for setting it up. Here they are

Jerry Glomph Black black (at) real (dot) com

You specify the ramdisk size when you load the rd module, as an option.

/sbin/insmod rd rd_size=32768
/sbin/mke2fs -m0 /dev/ram0
mount -t ext2 /dev/ram0 /mnt

Vijay Patil vijay (at) euler (dot) ece (dot) iisc (dot) ernet (dot) in 23 May 2000

add a line to lilo.conf like


run lilo and reboot

51.2. cscope

cscope is a code symbol navigating tool.

from Patrick O'Rourke, orourke (at) missioncriticallinux (dot) com

A cscope for Linux is at http://sourceforge.net/projects/cscope/

51.3. Neutral currents in multiphase power lines with non-linear loads (like computers with switching power supplies)

An article from Mirus on the unbalance in 3-phase power lines caused by non-linear loads (http://www.mirusinternational.com/pages/q&a_fr.html, link dead Jan 2003).

From the International Technology Industry Council:

Three Phase Power Source Overloading Caused by Small Computers and Electronic Office Equipement (link dead Feb 2003 http://www.itic.org/technical/3phase.html).


Guidelines for Grounding Information Technology Equipement

51.4. netcat/phatcat

netcat is a universal low level client. You can use it to inspect responses from servers. (Formerly it was at http://l0pht.com/~weld/netcat/nc110.tgz, but this url no longer on the net and the original author has disappeared. This URL refers through to a URL "atstake.com", which has the NT binary of netcat, but not the unix source.) It's available (again May 2003) at (http://www.atstake.com/research/tools/network_utilities/, nope link dead Feb 2005). Because of the disappearance, Ratz started maintaining his own version phatcat.

if you're using phatcat as a telnet client, remember to use the "-t" option.